14 Day Fat Flush – Loveland Fitness Expert

Hey Fitness Family in Loveland,

Its Cowboy Ryan, Loveland’s Local Fitness Expert and owner of Cowboys Gym. Okay for my birthday resolution I decided to join the hundreds of clients getting outstanding resultswith my 14 day Fat Flush program.

I am going to update you of what I am doing and my progress. Also you’ll learn some things along the way and I hope to inspire you to take your fitness journey to the next level. 
The best way to start this off is show you my starting photo back in Nov 2016. 

Everyone has a story of what happened to
them and how they got bucked off their “Fitness Journey”
Here is my story: 
Last fall I was in amazing shape and then 
my brother was paralyzed in Nov 2016
and sent to Craig hospital in Denver
for the last 4 months.
I made him a commitment to apply every
bit of knowledge, coaching, motivation and
training experience to help him
walk again.
I threw every workout program, diet & tricks I had,
plus designed a few new ones like 
14 day fat flush, 28 day rapid results
7 Day “Power Talk”, 
“Bungee Core” workouts and 
every ounce of my energy to help him daily. 
Amazing News –
Three days before he checked out of 
the hospital to return home and live in a
wheel chair forever he gained use of
his left foot & toe. 
Doctors were astonished and did more testing …
One of the technicians said he’s been 
doing this 25 years and my brother 
is the first patient ever to have such 
amazing CORE strength.  
This is what controls the use of the lower body.
Life changing … 
so now he has qualified for 
an extended 3 month program to primarily 
work on getting use of
his lower body!
WOOOHOOO … That’s What I’m Talkin About!
Now this is where my story begins – 
I’m sure you know what it’s like to 
give to everyone else except yourself, 
My health, fitness, foods and 
life took the back seat
so 4 months later here is
a photo of me … 
-feeling horrible about my gut 
-no energy 
-pants won’t button
-fat hanging over my pants
and just down right … feel like SHI%
Well I’ve been feeling like this for about 
2 months and finally I SNAPPED 
in my head and refuse to live
another day. 
Especially after seeing the results 
my clients are getting.
On my birthday I filled out
the Goals sheet on my 14 day fat 
flush and that’s where life
instantly began to change. 
Here is my starting photo, NOT a proud
moment but I am getting started Now!
A journey of a thousands miles start with …
The First Step!
I will update you so you can see
the Fast RESULTS and Cheer me on!!
Kindest Cowboy Regards,
Cowboy Ryan
P.S. I’m sure you are looking at the photo saying, you look great
       BUT remember this … the biggest transformation in ANY 
       Successful fitness program is how you Feel about yourself.
Want to start your own 14 Day Fat Flush?



Ryan Cowboy Ehmann is the personal trainer to Daymond John Founder of FUBU

Daymond John‘s New York gym had a guest visitor arrive at his location in full rodeo gear for a meeting to discuss the road ahead for Ryan Cowboy Ehmann, personal trainer of over 10 years and creator of the  “as seen on ABC Shark Tank” LOSE 12 inches with ANY 12 workouts. Ryan’s dreams for 14 years was riding wild bucking horses on the PRCA Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association rodeo circuit and he never once thought that one day he would be greeted outside the Empire State Building to visit the marketing guru and Billionaire Daymond John at his New York Office. Ryan quotes “I had rode many wild broncs that took me by surprise but to go from the rodeo arena to being a business partner for my brand and fitness products with Daymond John is the biggest rodeo accomplishment of all times”.


Recently I was featured on ABC Shark Tank with my LOSE 12 inches.com business that I have figured out the secret formula for getting the human body to LOSE 12 inches or more in 12 workouts by working out efficiently with the Cowboy Fit Zone. My business was selected from 36,000 other applicants who applied for Season 4 of ABC Shark Tank. I believe it was a combination of overcoming 2 years of chronic back pain to returned to rodeo to win a National TV Title on Fox Sports, my contagious, hi-energetic personality and the LOSE 12 inches formula that is all about Cowboy heart rate training. After being a personal trainer of 10 years I have worked with over 10,000 clients and all of them had the same thing in common which was they thought the harder I workout, the more I sweet the more results. Well I personally know that not to be true because before becoming a personal trainer I was the guy that kick my butt in the gym for hours and wondered why I wasn’t getting amazing results. Then the game changed for me after 2 years of back pain and I could do extreme workout but had to do cautious, scientifically proven workouts to lower my toxin level, reduce stress, build lean muscle and LOSE fat while exercising. I built the LOSE 12 inches program 10 years ago and put it to test myself and it changed my life along with over 10,000 other clients.

Since the airing of Shark Tank 1 month ago I have over 3,000 new clients across the US and Canada that are using my Cowboy Fit Zone system and I receive emails daily thanking me for teaching them how to workout efficiently and not just extremely hard. People allows say “uh I can’t believe I have been working out wrong my entire life”.  Thanks Cowboy Ryan for changing my life. I reply “I appreciate the compliment but I didn’t do it, you did it, I just packaged this system into a creative way to get people’s attention and education them how to do it properly”. I didn’t invent heart rate training, science has proven it for decades that working out in your heart rate zone for your body type is the fastest and most efficient way to lose fat during any exercise. My system is a simple computer program that calculates your zone and a series of educational video’s that I teach you step by step of how to do the heart rate training. There is not at this level of simplicity and education in the entire fitness industry that teaches people exactly how to do the heart rate training and calculates your exact heart rate zone within 8 seconds. Get it, I am a Cowboy so everything I do must be simple and only take seconds like learning your Cowboy Fit zone.  Mr. Daymond John branding plan for me and my LOSE 12 inches system is to build my brand with training as many celebrities as possible teaching them the Cowboy heart rate training because every huge fitness movement begins with Hollywood and then spreads to the public. I am so darn excited about this because this is NOT a fad, it’s the future of fitness so once you learn the Cowboy Fit Zone heart rate training you will never workout again without it. It works with any type of workout that you have enough movement to elevate your heart rate into your cardio zone. Put an end to your frustrating workouts or plateaus as you have my cowboy handshake it’s the solution to enjoying working out because you’re doing it at a pace you maintain longterm and you’re getting what you want …. Results!

Oh the greatest accomplishment for me is to be able to give back and during my visit with Daymond in his NYC office I got the opportunity to take him through a Cowboy Fit Zone workout. He stated in a recent Twitter post that he isn’t losing the weight and as I predicted he wasn’t working out in his Cowboy heart rate zone. We began on the treadmill, I calculated his heart rate and put a Woooo Hoooo heart monitor watch on his wrist. Within the first 2 minutes I pinpointed exactly why he isn’t losing fat with his workouts so we made some slight adjustments to his workouts and now every workout he is doing it efficiently to burn fat for energy. Oh and we had a few good laughs as I had him do the “Rodeo Abs machine” and also my signature 8 second Cowboy Abs exercises with a big ol Wooo Hoooo … That’s What Im Talking About!

Lose 12 inches Ryan Cowboy Ehmann Gets Client to Lose 26 Inches in 12 Workouts

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Lose 12 inches Client Lost 26 Inches

Yes this isn’t a typo, Lose 12 inches gym, www.Lose12inches.com is going on it’s 3rd straight year of delivering outstanding Fat Loss results.  Ryan Ehmann, owner and personal trainer of the #1 Fat loss center is working his magic as clients are losing on average 1″-2″ inches of body fat every workout. Most people would say, impossible…no way…to good to be true…don’t believe it…sure whatever, but the proof is in the track record.  Ryan Cowboy Ehmann, celebrity trainer and the #1 weight loss trainer in the country not only says it’s possible but he has thousands of clients who have participated in his LOSE 12 inches 12 workouts weight loss program and they have achieved results like never before.

What does LOSE 12 inches gym do to get clients to Lose 12 inches in 12 workouts?

Ok so enough talk about the incredible results…what is my secret?

I can tell you after 10 years of personal training and delivering amazing results around the country that I have figured out the winning formula. Anyone who applies my system gets amazing results and it doesn’t take forever.

Pay attention because I am going to share my blueprint secrets:

1) Scientifically proven – I eliminate all the guess work from your program.  Heart rate, fat burning zone, calories burned, calories consumed, food combinations, frequent meals.

2) Team work – working out alone in a gym by yourself or doing a DVD workout at home is NOT motivating or no accountability.

3) Motivational Program – Even the most motivated athletes in the world have coaches to keep them going and focused. There is days that even the best in the world are not motivated to put on the workout gear and go to the gym.

LOSE 12 inches  and Ryan Cowboy Ehmann is offering you a chance to LOSE 12 inches in 12 workouts. Yes that’s right, my passion is getting people exactly what they want…Weight Loss RESULTS. Don’t wait this offer will end soon because we will fill up within 24 hours. If your fed up with trying fad diets and regular gym memberships then give us a try.  Call now (970)599-1299 or sign up online at www.Lose12inches.com